3 HOURS | $299

During your initial QHHT Hypnosis Session, a keyword is implemented by your subconscious so that it makes it easier and quicker for you to be placed safely into the deepest level of trance to achieve and retrieve further information for future sessions.

It is highly recommended to schedule a Follow-Up appointment 4-6 weeks following your initial session to further process and implement the information and healing obtained.

Benefits of Further Sessions; 

  • Further process and implement initial information obtained
  • Further explore a particular life from your initial session
  • Continue to contact passed loved ones
  • Gain insight and understanding of new physical / emotional ailments
  • Gain insight and understanding of a particular situation
  • Continue further on your Self-Discovery and Healing path
  • Continue to expand your consciousness for spiritual enlightenment


The hypnosis aspect of your Follow-Up session is recorded and a copy of the audio file will be forwarded to you.