Six Common Energy Problems


First, it’s important to know that as energy medicine practitioners and healers, the manner in which we intuitively sense energy imbalances is as varied and unique as our personalities. This is because intuitive information can come through our five primary senses as well as our physical body and mind / Clair abilities.

In general, however, the following are the typical energy problems I encounter and how they are perceived.

The Intuitive Scan

Within my healing clinic, after the discovery aspect of the session, I begin a healing with an intuitive scan of the client’s energy system / Aura. 

This typically encompasses, but is not limited to, the seven main layers of the aura, chakras, as well as getting a sense of any soul fragments, past life connections, karmic issues, negative belief patterns, and emotional blocks.

For myself, I see colours, shapes, outlines, figures, but also an intuitive / knowing and awareness of energetic imbalances.

Remember, how we each receive intuitive information is as unique as our personalities, so be open to whatever you receive and take note of it.

Listed below are the six common energy problems that I encounter with my clients;




#1 Energy Tear / Rip: 

These are often found over areas where emotional stress or physical trauma has been stored in the body. A rip creates significant energy loss and opens the individual to possible negative attachments or psychic attacks (angry barbs, ill will, etc.), which further exacerbates energy loss. 

If you feel like you are unusually emotional or feeling emotional and physical pains that are not reflective of your mental, physical state or lifestyle, a torn or ripped aura could be the cause.

This can also look / feel like a rip in a smooth piece of cloth.



#2 Cords of Attachment: 

Cords of attachment between you and another create an energy leak, depleting energy from your aura, chakras, and/or meridians.

Cords may form between two people, or between a person and an animal, place, or object, when there are intense emotions like fear, worry, anger, or negativity in an interaction.

Cords of attachment should not be confused with spiritual ties, which are of a high vibration and shine with unconditional love. Cords contract and drain energy, while spiritual ties enhance and expand energy.

These attach through openings, and can have a severe negative energy pull, drain, and influence on your day to day life experience.


#3 Energetic Debris: 

Energetic debris can feel like dirt, sand or static in the aura or along the body. The individual’s energy might also feel scattered and ungrounded or hampered and stagnant.


#4 Holes in the Aura: 

A hole in the aura is similar to a rip or tear in the aura, except the energy loss and vulnerability to negative influences tends to be much greater. A hole feels “bigger” than a tear and is sensed as a pocket or path where the energy is pouring out. These types of aura openings attract negative attachments very quickly.

Looks / feels like a vacuum of draining energy.


#5 Energy Sludge: This problem area feels like thick and sticky black oil or sludge. The energy feels heavy, dense and extremely sluggish.

Looks / Feels like thick tar within the energy field.


#6 Pooling / Stagnant Energy

This energy problem causes energy to back up, become dense, and hold back energy flow.

Looks / Feels like a thick muddy puddle of stagnant water, a pooling of colour.


As a professional energy healer, I consider these energy problems to be “way-finders.” They point the way to where to the root cause of the problem, such as unprocessed emotions, negative beliefs, early childhood trauma, stress, and environmental toxins, past life connections, which have gotten stuck in the energetic body or are energetic attachments / patterns playing out in this lifetime.



Intuitive Awareness & High Vibrational Healing Intentions


With a focused and collaborative awareness on these issues, we are able to bring them into the light for healing and transformation.

If you have been feeling “off”, sluggish, exhausted or noticing changes in behaviour and lifestyle that are not beneficial or cohesive with your interests, it may be the case of one or some of the above energy problems.

It is important to release and heal these imbalances as soon as you can in order to prevent any further influence and non-beneficial side effects.


Resonated with this information?


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