When we look at all the amazing and interesting discoveries and inventions there are in the world, it’s funny to think how most of them came about by mistake. So many of the greatest inventions mankind has come up with, happened without premeditated thought. Now, I and many others who share the same belief would argue that there are no mistakes, just as there is no coincidence. Everything happens according to a divine plan, one that you yourself have been part of creating.


When Dolores Cannon, Founder of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, and her husband, Johnny Cannon, began dabbling in hypnotherapy, it was during a time when the only concept of hypnosis as a healing technique was that it would help you lose weight, quit smoking, or possibly calm down an anxious personality. However, on one occasion, they found it could be used for so much more! Dolores was called to see a patient who was a nervous eater. What happened during those sessions changed the course of Dolores’s life forever. 

The Subconscious – your higher self

Dolores found there was so much more to hypnosis than the mundane things it was being used for. People could tap into a life they lived other than this one, whether it be a past life on earth, or in another dimension or galaxy altogether.

Furthermore, she found it was an ideal way to connect what she called the subconscious (S.C). Although, this is not to be confused with the typical subconscious psychologists refer to or talk about. It is the part of you that is connected to the universe or the source, the pure consciousness of your soul.

Some people like to call it their higher self, or higher soul. Others refer to it as the over soul. No matter what name you give it, it is made of immense energy and is responsible for guiding you through this wild journey we call life. 

During a QHHT session, I, a Level 2 QHHT practitioner, am able to set aside the limitations of the conscious mind allowing you to see things and gain information from the perspective of our higher self, the observers view – without the low vibrational emotions or belief systems holding you back.

The Source – of knowledge

Along your spiritual journey, you’ve probably heard people talk about “The Source”. Well, this is the same as whatever your religion refers to as the place we come from before we are born. It is where our souls are generated, often called the “between lives”. This is where our higher selves reside, and it is through our connection to them that we learn about the universe. 

Our higher selves can also send us downloads that help us evolve or transform throughout our lives. Allowing us to cope with each experience and learn from it.

I, much like Dolores Cannon, am always open and eager of learning just about anything. Dolores would often refer to herself as a “seeker of knowledge” or a “researcher of lost knowledge.” 

During a QHHT session, it is important to keep an open mind. When able to connect with higher beings, they tend to share concepts that are able to be understood only because the conscious mind isn’t there to raise any doubts or confusion.

Within QHHT anything and everything is possible, and it is this open mindedness that will allow the client and myself the benefit of obtaining and understanding of these concepts and lost sacred knowledge. 

When a client books a session with me with the intention of losing weight or quitting smoking, I will undoubtedly include that in the session, but will also delve a bit deeper, as from experience and Dolores’s teachings, all habits on the physical front are a product of an issue at soul level. QHHT is a tool that we can use to find the source of the problem.

How can you connect with your higher self?

We are sure that by now you must be itching to connect with your higher self. Understand that they are always with you, even if you aren’t aware of them yet. The more you open your mind and heart toward that connection, the stronger it will become.

Naturally, I recommend booking a QHHT session with the nearest practitioner you trust. But this is not possible for everyone. So, here are some methods you can include in your spiritual practice that can help strengthen your connection to your higher self.

·       Meditation is a powerful tool. It can reinforce your spiritual connection and quiet the conscious mind, so your subconscious mind can come in and understand everything a bit better.

·       Live authentically. When one puts up a mask to hide their true self or works a job that kills their soul so slowly you don’t realise it till it’s too late, this is not being authentic. You need to find your passions and live according to them. Do not do what society thinks you should, but rather what sets your heart and soul on fire.

·       Get out into nature. Nature is another beautiful way to connect to the divine. Take your shoes off and go for a walk along the bare ground. Let the earth’s energy wash over you. This is also a great time to meditate.

You and your higher self have been on this journey for quite some time now. Not only in this life but in many other lives. It might be a good time to start working on that connection. Open your heart to the love your higher self has to offer, and your mind to the wisdom they provide.

If you are interested in a QHHT session with me, please Book an Appointment online. If you have any questions prior to an appointment, please Contact me as I am happy to discuss these with you.