Healing Physically and Emotionally with QHHT

When it comes to healing our bodies, there is more to it than what meets the eye. Not only are we fragile 3D beings, prone to physical injuries, but we are also sensitive to our emotions and energetic frequencies. That means that there are different levels to healing, and it all comes down to our emotions. 
Within this blog I discuss the intricacies of emotional healing, and how leaving your negative emotions unchecked can cause blockages. From there, I have included some useful tips on how to unblock them to create a more flowing state of being.


QHHT and Healing

If you are reading this, you are probably already aware of Quantum Healing and Hypnosis Techniques, or QHHT. We have hopefully divulged enough information for you to have worked out that QHHT is a method of healing something about yourself. Many times, I see clients who have been suffering from physical ailments and emotional dis-ease and are seeking to be healed from their pain. 

These physical and emotional experiences is our Higher Self (Over Soul) communicating to us through our body, which is a great way to do so seeing as though we are physical beings. 

However, as literal as this communication style can be, majority of people cannot decipher these messages and instead of taking the time to go inward and listening, people are more inclined to cover up or silence the communication lines with medication, surgery or simply ignoring the issue all together. 

Nowadays, there are amazing resources such as the book Soul Speak, The Language of Your Body written by Julia Cannon, Dolores’ daughter. In this book, she talks about the source of all the aches and pains we experience in life. Yes, a physical symptom might be caused by a physical ailment. But, what causes that?

Another amazing book, and one I tell my clients to put a copy of at the front of their medicine cabinet is The Secret Language of your Body, by Inna Segal. Within this book, Inna Segal encourages you to connect with your innate healing intelligence and call on your body’s in-built ability to heal itself. It gently guides you on a journey of life-changing transformation and empowerment where you will: – Heal the emotional, mental and energetic cause of physical ailments.

When we decide to come to earth to live a life as a human, it is hard to anticipate the level of emotions we will experience. We know what we are getting ourselves into because we plan out certain experiences for our souls growth and evolution, plus our spirit guides give us enough warning.

But, when we are born, we do not remember the in-between so the emotions come as a huge surprise. Many of us flounder around in life, overwhelmed by the complexities of our feelings. Emotions are a phenomenon unique to the human species. At least, in the depth of them, and the wide range of different feelings.

Living with a Mask

Observing beings find it fascinating how we can switch between two extreme emotions in no time at all. Like feeling tragically sad to the epitome of happiness in two seconds flat. However, many of us do not show half of the emotions we feel. We can thank society for that. The expectations we place on ourselves are just to be appreciated or accepted by others. Men and women alike are groomed to believe that expressing their emotions is “too much” or “too soppy”. So, we push them down and behave in ways we think are more appropriate. However, this is sub-conscious self-sabotage. In the long run, this is only creating bigger problems for us.

When you refuse to acknowledge a certain feeling and suppress it, you are creating a blockage in your energy field. This means your energy cannot flow through your body freely. We are emotional beings, which means having emotions is completely normal. 

We are meant to feel each one as it is part of the experience we signed on for. By pushing them away, not only are we denying ourselves a crucial part of humanity, but we are limiting ourselves from reaching our greatest potential. Ideally, you should acknowledge the emotion and let yourself feel it. Do not hold onto it by pushing it down within you, or revelling in the pain of it all. Let it flow through you and send it off with love and gratitude.

QHHT Can Help You

If you have been struggling with a physical ailment of sorts, you might want to seek a QHHT practitioner to help you. Maybe you were recently diagnosed with a disease or have been living with one all your life. Or, maybe you have chronic back pain or regular debilitating migraines. 

Whatever the reason, a QHHT practitioner will find the source of that pain through your energetic field.

They might ask you a few questions at the beginning of the session. This is because the type of symptom you are experiencing can help them pinpoint the type of emotional blockage you have. A physical symptom acts as a message from your higher self that you need to pay some attention to a certain aspect of your life. Our bodies speak a complex language, which we can learn to understand over time.

Stop giving your power over to external forces like pharmaceutical companies. Yes, their medication might alleviate the pain for some time but is it ever a long-term fix? We need to learn to trust ourselves again because no company is going to know us better than ourselves. This is not to say you won’t need a doctor from time to time. But, after the doctor has put you back together, your body has a remarkable ability to heal itself beyond the need for medication.

Booking An Appointment

If you have tried and tested all other means of relieving or eliminating your dis-ease within your life, or are finally ready to find and receive answers, a QHHT Hypnosis session is for you. 

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