Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®)

What is it and what are the benefits?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®) Newcastle Lake Macquarie Area

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®was discovered and developed by the late Dolores Cannon who transitioned from this world in October 2014 at the age of 83.  

QHHT® achieves the deepest level of hypnosis possible, the Somnambulistic level of trance. The Somnambulistic state is ordinarily experienced two times a day; right before we fall to sleep and right before we wake up.


Most hypnotists do not work in the Somnambulistic level, either because they do not have the ability or skill set to access this level of trance, or they are wary of working in the most mysterious level of hypnosis and ones mind, which can produce unexpected results and information, such as reliving a past, galactic or future life. 


Dolores began her research of lost sacred knowledge and reincarnation nearly 50 years ago by fine-tuning her QHHT® method of hypnosis. By creating a safe and effective technique that bypasses the chatter of the conscious mind and focuses on obtaining unlimited information in the Somnambulistic state, Dolores Cannon discovered that time and space was not an obstacle or restriction, instead, found time travel was possible at any time or place to relive or access anyone’s past, galactic or future lives.


QHHT® is a powerful and effective tool to access that all knowing part of ourselves that has been referred to as The Higher Self, The Oversoul, even the Soul itself. 




When we incarnate on Earth, we forget our previous experiences, lives, and connection to our Soul and The Source of all creation. QHHT® enables anyone from any background, culture, religion or belief system to engage with what Dolore’s referred to The Subconscious (SC), since it resides beyond the conscious mind.


Not to be confused with conventional medical and psychological terminology, Dolores Cannon’s use of the word Subconscious to describe her ground breaking work with that part of the human consciousness that is hard to describe, as it is above and beyond the conscious mind but also encompasses it. Dolores chose to use the word Subconscious to describe this hidden aspect of existence because it resides at a much deeper, all knowing level of us that our conscious mind, which we use in our everyday lives to work and engage with others.  


Dolores’s term The Subconscious, which she abbreviated to The SC, refers to that greater part of ourselves that is always connected to The Source, or God, Christ Consciousness, which has unlimited knowledge and an unlimited ability to heal the physical body. 


Sometimes, mental and physical ailments being experienced in the current life are rooted in trauma experienced from past lives; sometimes they are connected to the lessons being learned and set up for the person’s present lifetime. The SC reveals the cause and will assist according to any soul’s particular lessons. 


The Subconscious itself revealed to Dolores that we call it is irrelevant and immaterial; it simply IS, and is willing to communicated and help anyone with a sincere desire and intent. When the Subconscious is contacted during a QHHT® session, observable changes occur in the subject being hypnotised, the practitioner, anyone else in the room; a dramatic increase in the perceptible energy level causing an all-encompassing feeling of joy and love. 

The primary concern of every QHHT® practitioner is to always ensure the wellbeing of their client. 


Seeking the unlimited assistance of the subconscious, which knows every aspect of a person’s being, whether they are conscious of them or not, can help any person in amazing and unexpected ways. Through this particular past life regression technique, multiple lives can be explored to discover lessons, recurring issues and karmic ties that have an effect on the present lifetime. 


I, the QHHT® practitioner, asks the Subconscious to reveal information unknown to the conscious mind of the subject that will aid in healing, uncovering the root cause / point of creation of both mental and physical afflictions, illness and phobias. 




The Subconscious (SC) always selects the lives and information that will be most helpful to the person in need. By nature the Subconscious is akin to the Soul and therefore understands the entire situation and every aspect of the individual, including experiences from past lives that may be affecting them in their present life. 

I, the practitioner, do not determine what or where you regress. Once the SC has brought forward the lives and information it feels you will most benefit from, I talk directly to this part of your soul and ask it questions which you have prepared prior and brought with you to your session to gain knowledge of particular life questions and queries you may have, including mental and physical ailments and how to heal them. 




  • Current Life Childhood 
  • The Birth Experience (Including Womb)
  • Past Lives
  • Future Lives
  • Galactic Lives & Realms
  • Other Planets
  • Parallel Lifetimes
  • Between Death & Life
  • The Planning Stage of the Soul
  • The Akashic Records Library
  • Other Planets & Civilisations
  • Source




Once the Subconscious (SC) has been contacted during a QHHT® session, the QHHT® Practitioner asks it to identify and explain the cause behind any problem, and then asks the SC if it is permissible and possible to heal the condition.


If the SC agrees, healing is immediate, without discomfort, medication or surgery. In many cases, once the SC reveals the source of the ailment or psychological problem, a release occurs in the subject’s body and mind, and the client is freed from their condition.




In all cases, before healing can occur, an individual must want to be healed. The healing also cannot interfere with the lessons of their present life or the contracts they made before incarnating. 


Our souls are eternal and we come to Earth to grow and learn lessons through individual experiences. An example of a conflict in healing could be the Subconscious not agreeing to restore the sight of a blind person if that was one of the lessons they agreed to learn before incarnating in their present life.


The Subconscious also adheres to a literal approach regarding healing. If a subject is experiencing a condition that is the result of abuse or lack of care for their body, and the person has taken no action to correct this and has no desire to change, the Subconscious is aware. Its logic will dictate that there is no point in healing the condition if the subject is just going to resume abusing the body once it is healed.





The benefits of a QHHT® session are endless and profound. Anyone who has or is experiencing, but not limited to:


  • Mental Health issues
  • Reproductive / Pregnancy / Fertility
  • Physical Health / Chronic Pain
  • Reoccurring Relationship Patterns
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Sexual Abuse
  • PTSD
  • Behavioural Patterns
  • Addiction of any kind
  • Learning Difficulties
  • Involuntary Body Movements
  • Extraterrestrial / UFO encounters & experiences





If you suffer from significant hearing loss, bi-polar disorder or schizophrenia, please be sure to contact me prior to booking an appointment.

QHHT is not recommended for children under the age of 16 years old. However, a surrogate session can take place with the intent to help with the underage child. Please contact me to discuss.



If you are interested in receiving a Quantum Healing Hypnosis session of your own, please Book an Appointment or Contact me to discuss further details.